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aromatherapy may feel like a new trend, cultures all over the world have been using it for centuries. It’s an Ancient Practice—used by priests, who were also doctors, for magical and religious ceremonies. Fast forward to today, and it has evolved into a thriving component of herbal medicine. 


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Vativ is range of high performance Skin, Hair and body care products .

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Vativ skin Brightening

It help you to get back your skin brightness and it is blend with pure essential oil like Rose and lavender.


 We provide Ayurvedic skin cream, Ayurveda is an ancient system that bases treatment on  has herbal ingredients that nourish the tissues and penetrate deep to soothe and reduce inflammation.




Our Products Infused with luxurious essential oils containing the most hydrating, nourishing and anti-ageing properties,
leave your skin beautiful and glowing with our highly targeted skincare solutions.



We provide pure oeganic beauty and therapeutic product which is made with organic ingreidients. our every product is essential oil . every essential oil has too many beauty poperties . 



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"I am using hair serum and it's really good, the hairfall has stopped and I notice increase in my hair volume. The best thing it's absolutely side-effect free. Thank You Manipura Ayurveda for such wonderful product.."

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